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Veteran nutritional scientist, author and industry pioneer, Vic Cherikoff, invites you to join his complimentary online weight loss training.

You’ll learn…

  • How to lose weight quickly, safely and without side effects
  • The simple reason that traditional weight loss programs fail and leave you heavier than when you started (plus how to avoid this and keep weight off FOR LIFE!)
  • How just 15 minutes’ exercise a week will radically reprogram your metabolism to shed weight fast.

The struggle to lose weight ends here

Hi, I’m Vic Cherikoff. Welcome to the definitive turning point in your battle to lose weight.

If I’m correct, right now you’re about where I was 5 years ago.

Time is wearing on. Your body isn’t as trim or mobile as it once was.

You feel sluggish. Maybe your back’s sore. You tire easily.

You’ve tried diets and fitness programs over the years. But they invariably either don’t last…or don’t work in the first place.

The point is: You’re sick of the cycle.

Sick of not looking and feeling how you want.

Tired of the seemingly endless failed attempts to change.

And worst of all, you can’t seem to get down to — and stay at — a bodyweight you feel comfortable and happy with.

Believe me, I know what that feels like.

And I’m proud and excited to tell you that you can end this frustration starting today.

I’d like to introduce you to the safest, long-term weight loss strategy you’ll ever discover.

The strategy I used to lose 25kg in just THREE MONTHS
(plus another 10kg over the following year!).

Reserve your place on the
webinar NOW (spaces limited)

There’s a deeper reason you can’t keep weight off

Today I’m inviting you to participate in a webinar I’m hosting at [TIME DATE].

I’m doing this to show anybody, regardless of their age or their history of battles with their body, how to lose weight quickly and safely…

No need to put yourself through any brutal diets, fitness plans or supplement regimes.

Because the truth about losing weight is far simpler than you probably realize.

If you’re overweight…out of shape…eating too much…feeling lethargic…

It’s not because you’re weak. You’re not a glutton. You’re not self-destructive (come on, no one WANTS to be fat and unhealthy).

The simple truth is that your eating habits stem from FOUR primal nutritional drives.

We’ll cover more on this in the webinar.

But these four impulses are deeply connected to our survival instincts.

Millions of years of evolution have literally bred our food habits into us.

That, in a nutshell, is why it’s so difficult to control your diet.

I reveal the research behind this on the
webinar, go here and make sure you register.

This training will show you how to reset your metabolism — and rewire your brain — to set your subconscious to make you grow slimmer and fitter!

Out of every 100 people who begin one of those Big-Name, calorie counting diets, just 15 will be at their desired weight two years later.

Chances are you’ve been one of them. I know I tried starving myself as a way to lose weight.

It didn’t work.

The reason for that statistic is this:

Pretty much every fad diet or weight loss regime you’ve tried relies on trying to WILL yourself thin.

You have to cut down on foods. Eat less. Put in long hours on the treadmill, pool or bike.

In other words, you have to battle AGAINST yourself — and against your deep, subconscious food habits — in order to shed kilos and shape up.

Can you begin to see how counter-intuitive that is?

The strategy I’ll reveal to you on the webinar isn’t about battling against your primal desire to eat certain foods.

It’s about kickstarting your metabolism…changing what you eat without sacrificing satisfaction (or flavour!)…and over time rewiring your brain to seek the right amount of the right foods at the right time without even thinking about it.


The result (and this is why I’ve been able to keep off the 35kg I lost back in 2012) is that you never feel starving hungry or deprived.

You make some small — but essential changes — up front.

Then you stick to a simple, sustainable and ENJOYABLE diet and lifestyle…and watch the weight come off naturally as a result.

Before you ask…

No, you don’t need to slave it out in the gym to make this program work.

You won’t have to count calories.

You WILL be able to eat gourmet foods because we use a method to burn energy through WHAT you eat, not how much you eat.

All you’ll need to do is about five minutes of modest exercise, three times a week!

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Reserve your place on the
webinar NOW (spaces limited)

Not ready to make serious changes that can make you appear 10 years younger? This isn’t for you.

Look, no offense, but my webinar is not for people who are looking for one of these mythical ‘magic bullet’ weight loss solutions.

If you want overpriced mystery pills or sickly sweet ‘health’ shakes…or you just want a quick diet that will slim you down a few kilos for a wedding or party…

You should leave this page.

I’m looking to work with people who are serious about making healthy, lasting changes to their weight and fitness.

And you should know that you can’t reverse years or decades of poor diet and fitness overnight.

So you won’t get any quick-fix bullshit from me or my team.

On the webinar you will get an arsenal of ACTIONABLE information about your brain’s relationship to food.

I’ll walk you through my strategy for rewiring your brain to actually enjoy losing weight and improving your health and fitness.

Here’s a quick preview of what we’ll cover.

  • Fake ‘health food’ fraudsters: Learn the allegedly healthy foods that are, in reality, messing with your metabolism and making you GAIN wait, not lose it.
  • The #1 worst food nutrient you can consume: If you only cut one thing out of your diet today to lose weight, you must make it this.
  • The calorie counting scam: See why losing weight and keeping it off is not as simple as burning the calories you put into your body.
  • Firing up your metabolism the quick way: Why I spent decades working with other scientists from the University of New South Wales to create the 5-minute metabolism kickstarter we use in this program.

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If you haven’t left this page, it’s because you are serious about making healthy, LASTING change to your body through diet and lifestyle.

For that, I commend you.

Because honestly, most overweight people don’t even make it this far.

The next step is easy.

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IMPORTANT: Spaces are limited for this webinar, so don’t delay in securing a spot right now.

This is truly exciting. Because I believe (and I KNOW from shedding 35kg myself doing this) that this is the best way on the planet to lose weight and keep it off.

See you live on the webinar!

Reserve your place on the
webinar NOW (spaces limited)